What is Vulnerability?

In an organization’s security implementation a potential weakness is commonly known as Vulnerability. This could be a flaw that is present and may even be documented, that is yet to be exploited.

Vulnerability Assessment

Mercury Solutions provide broad range vulnerability assessment services that will provide your company with a thorough and exhaustive view around the focus points of risks that are within your information security strategy and environment. The detailed assessment provides in-depth testing and identification of the weaknesses in organizations’ entire security posture, which is all inclusive of physical and logical vulnerabilities. We run an end-to-end security assessment program, which identifies and quantifies comprehensively, the vulnerabilities beyond web application, in organization’s internal and external process .

What is Penetration Testing?

Exploitation of the vulnerabilities present in an organization’s network is known as Penetration Testing. Intruders utilize certain methods to get unauthorized access to your company’s networked systems and then compromise them. Penetration Testing simulates all such methods.

How is Penetration Testing helpful for the organizations?

With the evolution in the Information Technology sector and new technological emergence, new threats are also evolving day-by-day. In such circumstances, in all kinds of organizations, Penetration Testing has become an absolute necessity. In order to keep pace with these changes, data security and data privacy fronts are a must to look after in an organization. An organization’s reputation and brand image depends largely upon protection of their critical online assets. Besides, failure to protect them can sometimes results in huge financial costs and damage to company’s standing in the industry. Hence, Penetration Testing validates existing controls and provides a way or track for remediation when properly pursued.

Vulnerability Assessment and PT (Penetration Testing) Professional Services from Mercury Solutions

Our professional services identify unknown and critical threats that would impact your organization’s internal or external systems and networks. We are known for simulating real-world attacks by thinking and acting like real hackers. Additionally, we are a creative team and think out of the box when it comes to evading your organization’s security measures.

Our Top Information Security Testing Services

1. Virtualization and Cloud Computing
2. Web Applications
3. Un-patched Software
4. Targeted Malwares
5. Social Engineering
6. Insider Threats
7. Botnets
8. Database Hacking
9. Network Applications
10. Inadequate Security Policies
11. Mobile Device Security
12. Denial of Service
13. Complexity of Computer Infrastructure
14. Network Attacks
15. Intrusions
16. Wireless

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