EC Council - CSCU - Certified Secure Computer User Training

With people turning more techno savvy by the day, it is pertinent to realize that even the malicious crimes are increasing. As we are leaving our trails behind, it enables attackers to misuse our personal information. In these times, the first step that one can take towards prevention of cyber attacks and other malicious crimes is to be aware. So, being more educated about various cyber threats and vulnerabilities we can be equipped to combat such crimes and avoid such situations.

Mercury Solutions Limited to acknowledge this concern brings a course for all information technology users who use internet throughout the day. For all those who require keeping their critical data secure and safe, Certified Secure Computer User training course comes handy.

Course Overview

Especially focused to provide users with the fundamental skills and knowledge to protect personal information and critical data, CSCU certification training has been developed. Participants in CSCU certification training class gains enormous knowledge about various internet security threats like, identity theft, credit card scams phishing scams, backdoors and viruses, email hoaxes, loss of classified data, hackers, online sex offenders and social engineering. Besides, CSCU training program help users to take deliberate measures to mitigate exposure to security perils.

Modules Covered

Protection Using Antivirus Software
Data Encryption
Foundation of Computer Security
Security of Operating Systems
Disaster Recovery and Data Backup
Internet Security
Security of Email Communications
Identity Thefts and Social Engineering
Security of Network Connections
Security of Online Transactions
Security for Social Networking Websites
Legal Compliances and Information Security
Security of Mobile Devices

Who should participate?

Today's computer users who uses the internet and the www extensively to work, study and play.
The age requirement for attending the training or attempting the exam is restricted to any candidate that is at least 18 years old. (If the candidate is under the age of 18, they are not eligible to attend the official training or eligible to attempt the certification exam unless they provide the accredited training center/EC-Council a written consent of their parent/legal guardian and a supporting letter from their institution of higher learning. Only applicants from nationally accredited institution of higher learning shall be considered.)

CSCU training prepares you for:

Certified Secure Computer User -CSCU (112-12) Exam


It adds value to the workplace by validating IT professionals’ competencies and expertise in security and networking skills.
For employers, by hiring more and more CSCU certification holders they are able to reduce the training and learning curve, thereby increasing the productivity.
CSCU training provides a greater value, especially for aspirants by providing them a solid foundation to build their career in the corporate world.
It increases the credibility of the IT aspirants by adding another credential in their resume and getting assured means of demonstrating formal recognition of their expertise.
CSCU Certification improves avenues for employment, higher salaries and greater job satisfaction.
The CSCU training and certification complements in a best manner to the educational offerings in the domain of security and networking.

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